Focus: Strife in business, love, family or home. Plans not going as anticipated. Broken heart or shattered dreams. Salvaging what you can. Negative conditions or delays clearing up. Restructuring, rebuilding and renewing.

Romance: Because you have experienced suffering or heartache in the past, you may not be willing to extend yourself now. If you have separated, you my think that all is lost but you will have a change of heart. The situation is only temporary.

Career & finances: A business proposal or the possibility of a new avenue to pursue or follow up on will be presented but you won't leap at the idea. Money that was held up or delayed will come and/or you will profit through time investments, speculations or a well-thought-out plan of action.

Health: Tears, sickness or suffering is indicated. You'll need a vacation from work or worry and will soon take one. 

Family & friends: Someone close may be in pain (or will be a pain). You may need to overcome the fear of confrontation before you can have better relationships.