Focus: Improving the quality of your life or work. Unions, groups or new ventures coming into view. Revamping papers, communications or plans are also probable.

Romance: Memories of the past will begin to fade away, freeing you to accept new opportunities. If involved in a personal relationship, you will be discussing living arrangements and making plans for your future.

Career & finances: You will come together with someone to discuss a business idea or venture and to toss around ideas that could improve or market your work, and all will be in accord.  Lucrative returns, or income supplemented by profits coming from a new enterprise, can be expected.

Health: Feeling uplifted, renewed and more sociable. May tend to overindulge and eat or drink too much. If your plans included rest, they will probably change. Much activity is in store. Pleasure derived from your talents, work and social exchanges can also be expected.

Family & friends: Communication problems and hard feelings will come to an end. You'll enjoy the companionship of your family and friends and a new acquaintance or two. Someone close may need counseling or legal aid.