Focus: Self-improvement, self-healing and self-love.  Recovery and the end of strife. A change of attitude or spiritual awakening.  Animals could be accented. 

Romance: Longing to give all but needing the security of feeling loved first.  A new beginning will bring great happiness. Problems will become a thing of the past. A suitor or mate may call or want to spend more time with you.

Career & finances: Your mind may not be on your work. May be thinking about a new line of work; something more fulfilling or less taxing. Success coming through friends, social outings or connections and some or all of your expenses will be paid by another. Money coming in through payments, checks or money orders can also be expected. 

Health: Over indulgence in food, drink or drugs. Try not to be so sensitive, over reactive or extreme. Being in the company of others, serving others or resolving arguments with your friends and family will bring pleasure and  satisfaction. 

Family & friends:  You may be in for some upsetting news or an emotionally charged incident where a family member or pet is concerned, but you will be surrounded by many loving and supportive friends; friends you never knew you had.