Focus: Concentration on work, image or status. Being determined to present the best you're capable of and making sure you have exactly what you want. Good news in business or love.

Romance: Your love life is about to take a surprising turn. Someone (possibly married) may want to take care of you, or someone you were estranged from could try to win you back. A call or visit from an admirer or ardent lover can be expected.

Career & finances: Being in a position of power, expansion and surprising success. Your work will be well received and you may be afforded the opportunity to advance your position. Financial agreements will be discussed or settled, and an increase in business or profits can be expected.

Health: You'll probably be increasing your vitamins and eating foods that give you more energy like fish, fruit or nuts. Your determination will be renewed and everything will be back in perspective.

Family & friends: Differences with a family member can be smoothed out now. Great personal and professional camaraderie is indicated.