Focus: Moving ahead in spite of fear or doubt. Making decisions. Aligning yourself with supportive friends or responsive associates. Some success will be attained and some obstacles will remain.

Romance: The unexpected is going to happen... a  new romance or potential love affair with one who is extremely charming, comforting, or well-to-do. A caller could arrive bearing gifts and a proposal will be made and accepted. 

Career & finances: Expect a surprise or an unusual even to occur and a new idea will be acted on that will go exceptionally well.  Don't be surprised when work brings an opportunity to mix business and pleasure. Financial concerns could arise regarding an investment or business associate, but your profits will take an upward swing.

Health: Needing  more balance in your life. Pushing yourself too hard will cause your health to suffer. 

Family & friends: You and a family member will patch things up or declare a truce. Good fortune coming through a chance meeting or encounter.