Focus: Assistance, support and cooperation. Reunions and reconciliations. Luck, laughter and pleasure. No matter what you are feeling now, you will soon experience a feeling of great joy, upliftment, love or concord.

Romance: Your affection could be torn between two; one old and one new. You may need to resolve an inner dispute first  (like getting clear on what it is you need and want). A love letter, poem or card  may be coming your way.

Career & finances: Good news from influential people. Money coming in through work you  like or love. Becoming more visible or reaching a larger audience. Success coming through the resolving of arguments or inner conflicts and in enlisting the aid or support of others in your career. Partnership or financial worries being  resolved in a positive way.

Health: You may be talking to a professional. If not for yourself, than for someone close. A malpractice suit or personal injury case could also be discussed or decided upon. 

Family & friends: Reunions with friends or family will be pleasant and you will enjoy the emotional affinity you share with another.. Good times ahead.