Focus: A major change from one thing, person or place, to another. Tying up loose ends and moving on. Meeting practical difficulties and plodding through. Time bringing a new slant to what seemed like an impossible situation.

Romance: Tired of being left in the dark about your love life or not knowing where you stand. Quit whipping a dead horse. The relationship is more trouble than it's worth and you deserve much more!

Career & finances: Paperwork could be an overwhelming chore but you'll complete it. You may change your routine or do something else along different lines. Feeling apprehensive due to a setback, loss of income, or something you counted on falling through.

Health: Too many obligations could leave you  feeling tired and run down. Try to keep your chin up, the goal is almost insight and "this too shall pass". 

Family & friends: Added responsibilities are indicated, and a friend could have a problem you won't know how to deal with.