Focus: Domestic matters, home and family, will come to the fore; expenses, repairs, taking care of  household responsibilities, etc. A chain of events will soon be completed and most of your problems will be eliminated.

Romance: You or the one you love could be too busy (or preoccupied) to extend the energy it takes to keep a relationship going. Or you may be unable to cement the type of relationship you want to have.

Career & finances: Discussions about schedules, marketing, or forming a new group are probable. Money will be fair or alternating but if a financial transaction has been bothering you, you'll soon have a pleasant surprise. Also, money will come in through clients, a dividend or a legacy.

Health: Someone will probably need looking after, vaccinations or grooming. If you've been in the doldrums, new elements will enter your life that will make your outlook on the future more hopeful.

Family & friends: Talks of future plans and travel. A previous arrangement may change unexpectedly. A new alliance may be formed with a group of business associates or friends.