Focus: Freedom from work, worry or responsibilities. Congenial friends and atmosphere. Travel, or a relaxing trip, is likely.  You will gain the support of others and your wish for fulfillment or a successful outcome will be granted.

Romance: A budding romance, unusual love affair or a fulfilling union is predicted. Strong feelings of love and devotion will surface. A surprise from an admirer or mate is also predicted. If single and hoping to marry, you may get your wish.

Career & finances: Mail, phone calls, lots of irons will in the fire. If wanting to get away or play hooky, you will do so.  Financial prospects will look as though they are improving and you will meet people who will encourage you or help you build more confidence in yourself, your work or your plans. 

Health: May have strange eating, sleeping and/or sexual habits. If ill, you will soon recover. 

Family and friends: A happy home life. Someone could be moving away; possibly because of marriage. Long distance communication is indicated. If you go on an outing, don't be surprised if someone picks up the tab!