Tarot Made Easy Reviews
Marianne  Price

I work as a phone psychic and I have found your book to be an excellent resourse. As you say,  it answers questions on all the major categories.  I have recommended it to other phone psychics and my daughter has her own personal copy. I have found the information to be extremely accurate. Just recently, my brother-in-law was undergoing some tests to see if he had lung cancer. Using your book as a guideline, I did several readings and it revealed that if it was a tumor it would be benign and that it was a condition that he would have for a while but that if he got rest and took better care of himself he would be fine. My sister refused to believe me, fearing the worst. To make a long story short, the cards were right! Thanks for giving us this wonderful tool to help us understand Tarot!

Melita Hoffman

Just wanted to let you know that your book is absolutely the BEST available on tarot...I picked it up about four years ago, and I couldn't imagine being without it now. It is so damned ACCURATE that it's scary sometimes. I have kept track of all the readings I have done for myself over the years, and the only things I can honestly say that didn't happen were things that I took heed of (due to the reading) and took steps to change. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book that ANYONE can use. I don't know how you did it, but I am in awe that you were able to translate the intuitive knowledge that you possess into a powerful tool that someone (like me) who doesn't possess your abilities (in full measure, anyway) can use with ease. 


Nancy, you have my highest respect. Your Tarot book is the best book I have ever read and it has helped me so much. It has never been wrong with any reading I have done. It has answered so many questions for myself, not to mention other people. There isn't any "guessing" involved, it is straight and to the point. As you could tell, I just love it. In fact I was thinking of purchasing another one, because the one I have is really worn. (ha..ha) I've been passing on this information everywhere, but this is my first week on the internet and I am happy to have a larger audience to pass on your book, I hope they take my advice. It will be the best piece of advice they ever listen to. 

Mary LaBar

I just wanted to write you to tell you how much I love your book. I have been using it for 7 years now. It has helped me tremendously with my journey of the Tarot. It helped me to open myself up and to trust myself more. I especially enjoy the Spiritual Guidance reading that you have in there. I do that when I truly need guidance. 

Thank you for caring enough to write a book like that. 

Julie Cappello

Your "Tarot Made Easy" is wonderful!! I must admit I was one of those skeptics until a friend introduced me to your book. The readings proved too accurate to dismiss. Soon after I purchased your book and have been hooked ever since! 

Eileen Holland

I love this book, which I have consulted almost every day for years. It's quick, easy, and very specific. My own copy went to Egypt and back with me, it's tattered and taped, has notes in the margins and all the pictures colored in. I've never found a better book for doing readings for others. I highly recommend Tarot Made Easy, and eagerly await Nancy's new book. 


Tarot Made Easy is the best around. Informative and easy to follow. One that hits the nail on the head constantly! I have purchased the book a total of three different times! The ones before got so tattered from so much use, I needed another. Plus I have given them to friends too! Just found out about her new book coming out! Can't wait! I am one of her biggest fans! 


I have used this book in dozens of readings...Nancy Garen's book, "Tarot Made Easy" is a book I have used for over 8 years now. It has provided me with high quality accurate readings and is especially helpful when doing three card readings for a specific question. I had bought other books before this one but none go into the detail that this book does...she has over thirty categories for each card that allow for very specific readings. 


Look No Further! This is the book you really want to buy today! Whether you're just beginning or are an avid tarot book collector, this is the easiest, most comprehensive, and useful book ever written on the subject. I've had it for a few years now and use it as my favorite source for readings. 


Best overall Tarot book that I have. I had been reading cards for years when I discovered this book. It is great for beginners and experienced readers, too. This became my instant favorite and most used reference. It is written well, has good spreads included and omits a lot of the pseudo-religious nonsense that some other books have. It is satisfying and concise. 

Amy Siliano

This book tells you everything and is easy to understand. I bought this book three years ago when I began using Tarot Cards. It is the best investment I made in a tarot book. Other books are difficult to understand. This comes out and tells you what you want to know. And it also breaks down each card into different categories so you can make precise readings. If you are just learning, it is great. And it is even if you are experienced. Nancy Garen did a wonderful job. 

Lexington Herald Leader - Local best sellers

#7 Tarot Made Easy, by Nancy Garen (Simon & Schuster). A breakthrough method in interpreting the tarot. 

The Mystic Connection

"A brillant book by Nancy Garen. A must read for all tarot readers requiring assistance." 

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